Caringi’s Corner

All Maryland Camp

Dear Campers and Parents:


As we look forward to the summer of 2017 the goal of the All Maryland Soccer Camps has always been to create a fun and   learning enviroment regardless of the level of the camper. The excellent staff will place you in a surrounding, based on your abilities, that will allow you to EXCELL. After a week at my camp,you will have improved your technical and tactical game, but more importantly, come away with a greater PASSION for the game. This will all occur in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere

Entering our 35 th year we are very proud of the campers that have gone thru our programs and have achieved tremendous success. I am also extremely excited about being voted one of Maryland’s Top 5 Camps by CBS Sports, an honor with all of today’s camps and activities I do not take lightly We look forward to being a part of the growth of Soccer throughout the Maryland area and would like to wish all of the players and teams success thru out the year . I hope to see you at my camps this summer and at our UMBC games in the fall.. Remember “KEEP TRAINING”    Yours in Soccer,    Pete